How to Contact Your Congressional Leader?

Answer Contacting your local or national congressional leader is much simpler than most people may think it is. It is also very important that those who represent you in Congress know how you feel about p... Read More »

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How to Contact Your Congressional Representatives (North Carolina)?

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Is it your responsibility to contact your child's father if he has a history of violent behavior and he knows how to contact you?

AnswerAs custodial parent, it is your responsibility to ensure the relationship between the non-custodial parent and the child is maintained even if he can contact you. You want to maintain the "be... Read More »

How to Be Someone Who Has No Leader, Does Not Want a Leader, and Is Not a Leader?

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How to Write Your Congressional Representative?

Did you ever wish you could get your view expressed in the government? That's what your congressional representative is for! Your rep would love to hear your views, and you could really make a diff... Read More »