How to Construct the Altitude of a Triangle With a Compass?

Answer A triangle is a closed two-dimensional shape with three sides and three angles. There are a wide variety of triangles, including acute ones, with all the angles less than 90 degrees; obtuse triangl... Read More »

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How To Construct an Acute Triangle Compass?

Students become acclimated early to using a compass to draw circles and other geometric shapes. An interesting application of a compass involves using them to draw angles, including angles less in ... Read More »

How to Construct a Parallelogram With a Compass?

Construction of geometric forms with only a compass and a straightedge is central to classical Euclidean geometry. In principle, the straightedge is often unnecessary, in that two points on the pla... Read More »

How to Construct a Square With a Compass?

Oftentimes, it is important when drawing up blueprints and plans to have precise shapes and measurements. A compass is a handy tool for drawing squares and many other shapes accurately. A square is... Read More »

How to Calculate the Altitude of a Triangle?

You can find the altitude of a triangle in one of two ways. The first requires you to know the length of the base and the area of the triangle. The second requires you to know the measurement of at... Read More »