How to Construct an Overnight Pontoon Boat?

Answer Building an overnight pontoon boat can be a challenge, but with some luck at the local salvage yard, some hard work, and mainly, some very creative designing, it can be done.

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How to Park a Pontoon Boat?

Docking a pontoon boat is considered to be more difficult than docking other boats. This is primarily because of the size and design of the boat that makes it less maneuverable during docking. When... Read More »

How to Store a Pontoon Boat on Land?

Dry storage of a pontoon boat prevents the watercraft from deteriorating during the winter or when not in use. Ice cracks hulls; water and sun damage decks and electrical components. Winterizing th... Read More »

How to Install Pontoon Boat Covers?

Pontoon boats are designed to be stable and roomy with a large, open and flat floor area, perfect for relaxing on the lake. However, when stored outside, this area collects pine needles, leaves and... Read More »

What is the price of a pontoon boat trailer?

Pontoon boat trailers range in price from $1,200 to more than $3,000. A 16- to 20-foot pontoon will be cheaper than a 26-foot pontoon trailer, which will cost between $2,500 and $3,000. Single-axle... Read More »