How to Construct a Copy of Given Segment?

Answer Use the following instructions to copy a given segment in a compass construction. You may label as given or make up labels.

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How to Construct a Perpendicular Line Segment?

Constructing a perpendicular line segment is one of the basic operations in geometrical construction. Other basic operations include bisecting angles, dividing line segments and duplicating angles.... Read More »

How to Construct a Triangle Given All Three Altitudes?

Constructing a triangle from the altitudes seems complex, but the information is all there. The altitude of a triangle is the distance from a point that bisects an angle to a point perpendicular to... Read More »

How to Construct a Regular Hexagon When Given Its Side?

A hexagon is a two-dimensional shape with six sides. In a regular polygon, all sides are the same length, so a regular hexagon has six sides of equal length.In a regular hexagon, the internal angl... Read More »

Is it possible to copy a link from VLC media player at a specific segment of a film?

I think not, but you might be able to edit it later.