How to Consider Satanism?

Answer Satanism is a religion or a group of religions. It varies from atheistic or purely philosophical forms to theism and pantheism. Confusingly, there is no definition of Satanism that every Satanist a... Read More »

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How to Research Satanism?

The Satanism flag.Satanism is a set of philosophical values. "The contrary of Judeo-Christianity" would work as a rule of thumb. This article will not explain the religion, it will tell you where t... Read More »

How to Understand LaVey Satanism?

So, maybe someone called you a satanist, or you randomly heard the term, and now you're searching the web in effort of find the truth? Well children, here it is.

How to Research Theistic Satanism?

Theistic Satanism is a spiritual belief in Satan. It is a religion and spiritual practice that has many varieties of expression. There are a few good resources on the net that will help you to rese... Read More »

Why do sites like Wikipedia, Amazon always cover up for satanism, Illuminati, masons.etc?

Actually, Wikipedia helped me put 2 & 2 together on a couple things. If you read unbiased articles, then a lot of this will make more sense. Don't read any articles on edge of proving Illuminati as... Read More »

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