How to Conserve an iPod 3G Nano Battery?

Answer This article explains how to conserve an iPod Nano battery.

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How to Conserve Battery Life on Your iPod Touch?

The iPod Touch has a battery life of around 4-5 hours when simply browsing through your music collection or looking at photos, and about 3-4 hours when using Wi-Fi. If you need it to last longer, t... Read More »

Does putting an iPod on Sleep Mode conserve battery power?

Yes, putting an iPod into sleep mode does conserve battery power since, as Apple describes, the sleep mode is “a power conservation mode.” Once in sleep mode, you can quickly “wake” the iPo... Read More »

Why does your ipod nano battery die so fast?

If your battery is wearing out fast, it's probably because of the settings you have or it could be that your iPod's battery is running out of recharge cycles. Every rechargeable battery has a certa... Read More »

How long should an iPod Nano battery last?

The iPod Nano battery life may vary depending on the age, model and usage patterns of the individual device. According to Apple, the iPod Nano battery will power the device for up to 24 hours of mu... Read More »