How to Connect to an FTP Through a DOS Command?

Answer File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a common method for transferring files over the Internet. Although people often use dedicated programs called FTP clients to access and download files from FTP sites... Read More »

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What does the drill command execute on the third command mean if it is even a real command?

How Do I Send an Email Through Command Line?

Ensure that you have the command line program "mail" installed. On Ubuntu systems, it can be installed with the command "sudo apt-get install mailutils". Type the following command: mail -s "your s... Read More »

How do I format my hardrive through command prompt?

format C:\if that doesnt work type format /? for other formatting commands. You can execute the command from a command while logged into Windows but cant format Windows while using it, if that make... Read More »

Maritime command land force command and air command together make up the?