How to Connect to a Minecraft Server on Mac?

Answer Playing the sandbox computer game "Minecraft" over a network allows you to collaborate with other players to build structures that would take a single player much longer to construct. Multi-player ... Read More »

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Why can't I connect to this Minecraft Server?

Your friend who is hosting the server would need to have..1) Set up and configured Port-Forwarding for Minecraft.2) Made sure that the computer the server is running on..Is allowing incoming connec... Read More »

Why Can't My Brother Connect To My Minecraft Server ?

go to his machine and open the appropriate port on his firewall.

Why can't my friend connect to my minecraft server?

Did you give out the local IP address (192.x.x.x, 10.x.x.x., or 172.x.x.x.) or the public IP address (get it from or If port forwarding is set correctly he should be a... Read More »

How to fix "connection lost cannot connect to server" error on minecraft?

Either your friend's minecraft server is off, or he failed to port firward correctly so his server is not visible externally.tell him to go to and open port 25565 on TCP and you will be... Read More »