How to Connect to a Kindle With Amazon?

Answer One of the benefits of a Kindle is the ability to connect to the Amazon website to download digital books, magazines and newspapers. The Kindle uses wireless technology to connect to the Amazon web... Read More »

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Why wont my Kindle let me connect to my amazon account?

Have you tried to register your Kindle device through Amazon website instead? Here you can find some information about this: try those suggestions to transfe... Read More »

Who manufactures Kindle for Amazon?

Chinese equipment manufacturer Foxconn manufactures the Kindle eBook reader for Foxconn is a massive corporation, employing some 800,000. Foxconn manufactures some of the best-known con... Read More »

How did the Amazon Kindle reader get its name?

Ready to read the latest bestseller on your Kindle? Ever wonder exactly how Amazon decided on the name? As new products transform our lives, their names naturally become an important part of our ... Read More »

What is better Ipad 2 or the Amazon Kindle?