How to Connect to Another Plane at JFK Airport?

Answer This is very easy! Follow the signs, read the arrival/departure information to find out gate information, and if all else fails, ask someone who works there for assistance! You probably aren't (b)o... Read More »

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Does anyone remember a sci-fi tv show from the 90s or possibly 80s about an airplane that lands at a deserted airport and there was some type of flash and most of the people on the plane go missing?

I think you're talking about a miniseries based on a Stephen King story called "The Langoliers".

How to Connect a USB Printer to an AirPort?

Airport Express and Airport Extreme are created by Apple and let you connect your USB-based printer to these units without having to connect the printer directly to the computer. Airport allows the... Read More »

How to Connect a PC to an AirPort Printer?

The AirPort base station connects any computer in your home or office to peripheral devices attached to the network, which includes connected printers, for wireless communication. The AirPort creat... Read More »

Do the XO laptops connect to an AirPort?

The XO laptop can connect to the Apple Airport Express and Extreme. You need to select a single wireless channel instead of "Automatic," have the wireless mode set to "Mixed" or "Wireless-G" and ma... Read More »