How to Connect the Westell 6100 to the WRT54G?

Answer Wireless networking has become an increasingly popular way to access the Internet at home. Using a wireless network allows multiple devices to connect to the Internet from virtually anywhere in the... Read More »

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How to Connect a Westell 6100 to Linksys?

A home network can need upgraded fairly often. With more and more devices making use of the Internet, a home network can easily become insufficient. While a modem allows a single computer access to... Read More »

Is Westell 6100 wireless?

The Westell 6100 digital modem is not a wireless modem. Although this modem cannot transmit wireless signal on its own, users can connect it to a wireless router to provide wireless Internet acces... Read More »

Does the BellSouth Westell 6100 have a firewall?

Westell manufactures two models of the 6100 modem in its LiteLine group exclusively for BellSouth--the C90-610030-06 and the B90-610030-06. These Westell modems have an SPI (stateful packet inspect... Read More »

How to Configure a Westell 6100 DSL Modem?

Some modems are set up to act as a server, without taking routers into account. A modem is generally a "plug and play" device, meaning simply plug it in and the default settings should work. Howeve... Read More »