How to Connect the TiVo Series 2 to FIOS?

Answer Many DVRs and Tivos require a connection to an Ethernet network in order to take advantage of certain interactive features. This is a very simple process that can be achieved by even the least tech... Read More »

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How do I Use TiVo Series 2 With an Antenna?

The TiVo Series2 DVR is capable of receiving television signals via antenna or analog cable. The conversion of the television industry from analog to digital broadcasting in June 2009 increased the... Read More »

Can you connect a FiOS router to a TV?

Yes, a FiOS router can be connected to a television. Users will need both the equipment to connect the FiOS router to the Internet (Ethernet cables, etc.) as well as the standard coaxial, A/V or HD... Read More »

How to Connect Ethernet to Verizon FiOS TV?

Verizon Fios TV is a fiber-optic television provider that uses the latest in fiber optics to provide users with optimal picture and sound quality for television broadcasts. Verizon Fios TV receiver... Read More »

How to Connect a PSP to a Verizon FIOS Router?

Connecting a PSP to Verizon FiOS router can seem confusing, but as soon as you know where everything is, it's as easy as 1-2-3.