How to Connect the Radio Antenna on a BMW 330i?

Answer The BMW 330i is a stylish four door luxury sedan that is equipped with an AM/FM radio at its center console. If your BMW's radio antenna, also known as the aerial, needs to be replaced, you will fi... Read More »

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Does a tv antenna differ from a radio antenna?

Both TV and radio antennas are designed to receive shorter radio wavelengths, which is how TV and radio are broadcast. However, there is a difference between analog and digital antennas. For exampl... Read More »

How to Fix a Radio Antenna?

It all depends on how it is broken, but if it's simply broken in one place, aluminum foil & duct tape can fix it.

I have a 2006 kia speatra and I like a radio that connect with on-star what kind of radio i could get.?

How to Connect a CB Antenna to a Car?

If you're getting started with CB radio, this article will help you consider your options in regards to the antenna-- arguably the most important part of a radio system.