How to Connect a Video Card Power Cable?

Answer Standard Molex ConnectorAs video acceleration technology advances forward, the power requirements for video cards rise dramatically, because their components require more wattage to perform optimal... Read More »

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How to Connect a Radeon HD 3650 Video Card to a TV Using an S-Video Cable?

Radeon video cards allow you to view high-definition graphics and videos on a computer screen without taxing its hardware, allowing you to use the computer for other activities while using the grap... Read More »

Can i use a HDMI cable to directly connect from my video card to my monitor?

Yes. It probably says that because it is from a time when few monitors had HDMI, only DVI, inputs.

My ps3 works perfectly on my full hd tv with an hd cable when i connect it to my old toshiba which is hd ready with the same cable the video does not show but the sound is audible what do i do?

I had the exact same problem hold your power button down until you hear 3 beeps if this does not work do it again and the screen shall become visible

How to Connect an S Video Cable?

S Video cables, also called Super Video or Separate Video cables, transmit video color and luminance (brightness) information separately, minimizing interference. You can use S Video cables to conn... Read More »