How to Connect a Sima SCC-2 for VHS to DVD Copying?

Answer The Sima SCC-2 is a video color-correction component used to improve picture quality when dubbing from one source to another, such as VHS tape to a DVD. The device uses either composite or S-video ... Read More »

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Sima SSW-L6EX Speaker Selector Instructions?

Sima builds a variety of speaker selector switches. The SSW-L6EX selector switch lets you power up to six pairs of speakers from a single stereo speaker output, so you can send your music to many d... Read More »

Trying to create a wikipedia article, and it says I am copying another website, but the website is copying me?

The problem is not with trademark, but with copyright, which is something different.When you put something on Wikipedia, you put it there with the claim that a. you wrote it yourself, and b. that y... Read More »

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Do you wish that you could stand out from the crowd without someone copying you? Do you want to be able to do anything without a shadow? Read these steps.

Please help! My neighbour is copying everything I do?

Karl, I see the wonderful scenario that you present.I had a neighbour with similar aspirations once.I moved.Well before letting slip at a do to which she was invited, although I previously might of... Read More »