How to Connect a Satellite to a Home Theater TV?

Answer A home theater TV simulates the audio of a full surround-sound system when playing source signals recorded in multichannel audio. This conserves room space since you don't need a place to put extra... Read More »

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How do I Connect a PS2 Through a Panasonic Home Theater SC-PT 660 With Satellite?

The Panasonic Home Theater SC-PT 660 allows users to control the sound on their television and other television accessories, such as the PlayStation 2. After connecting your satellite to your home ... Read More »

How to connect HD TV/Set top box and home theater?

First lets deal with the video. I imagine your connecting the set-top box to the TV using a HDMI cable.If the DVD player has a HDMI port you could use that to connect to the TV, but would have to c... Read More »

How to Connect Direct TV to an RCA Home Theater?

DirecTV satellite TV service uses a receiver to unscramble the extraterrestrial signal for transmission to a television set. Connecting the DirecTV receiver to an RCA home theater system makes it p... Read More »

How to Connect a Car Speaker Box to a Home Theater?

Car audio speakers work in the same way as any other speakers, and can be connected to a stereo head unit in your car, an aftermarket amplifier or a home theater receiver/amplifier. With some commo... Read More »