How to Connect a Router to 2-Wire Modems?

Answer 2Wire produces a series of modems designed to connect to high-speed Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connections. While some 2Wire DSL modems contain an integrated router, there are many models that a... Read More »

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How to Fix Router & Cable Modems for Online?

An enjoyable Internet experience relies on working hardware, including the cable modem and wireless router, for your broadband connection. However, hardware errors occur and equipment becomes fault... Read More »

Can I hook up 2 cable modems to one connection without router?

Unfortunately, it looks like you'll have to bite the bullet on this one. 300' is a long way for a Wireless connection anyway (it is almost the maximum length for an ethernet cable!), especially in ... Read More »

How do I split my phone wire to allow two modems on the same line (See pic)?

Simple. You don't. If what you're showing is a DSL modem, you split the output, not the input.You show an antenna, so why not a wireless network card? You can use a wireless router or access poi... Read More »

How to Connect Wii to Verizon Modems?

The Nintendo Wii console, among its other features, can connect to the Internet, where you can play games with friends and other Wii users all over the world. You also can use the Nintendo Shop Cha... Read More »