How to Connect a Parallel Printer to a PC Via USB?

Answer You can still use an older printer with a 36-pin parallel port for the cable connection on newer computers equipped only with USB ports. The setup requires a parallel to USB cable to unite the diff... Read More »

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Can I connect a USB printer to a parallel port?

You can connect a USB-only printer to a parallel port using a USB-to-parallel cable. However, this can have significant drawbacks. Although you may be able to print, other device functionality such... Read More »

How can i connect 50 RGB Led's parallel to a 12v 2A line?

If you use the LED strips that the Mini Controller was designed for, connection is pretty much plug and play. Otherwise you'll need common anode type RGB LEDs and the appropriate current limiting r... Read More »

How to Connect 12V Batteries in Parallel?

If you need to increase the rate of power coming from a battery bank, connect your batteries in series. For example, three 12-volt, 200 amp-hour batteries connected in series produce 36 volts at 20... Read More »

How to Connect a Parallel LCD Display?

Most computer users will be able to use only one LCD monitor to complete the tasks with their computers. Yet, you may require a parallel LCD display to enhance your computing experience. This will ... Read More »