How to Connect a Nintendo DS to Wi Fi?

Answer Do you want to play with others and communicate, or put your skills to the the test by playing wifi? Here is the place to come learn about it.

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How to Connect the Nintendo Wii to My TV?

The Wii is the video game console that is manufactured by Nintendo. Unlike similar video games systems, such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the Wii allows users to play games via "motion detect... Read More »

Can I connect my PSP to my Nintendo DS?

No, it is impossible to connect a Sony PSP to a Nintendo DS, either wirelessly or though the use of connection cables. The two portable video gaming systems run on different technology and rely on ... Read More »

How to Connect to Nintendo Wi Fi on Your DS?

Do you want to play against someone else with your Nintendo DS but none of your friends are within wireless range? In comes Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection! In this guide, the game "Clubhouse Games" will... Read More »

Can you connect the Nintendo DS to the DSi with a Wi-Fi?

As of May 2010, all Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi consoles can connect to each other through either a Wi-Fi or a local connection for multiplayer gaming. However, games released for the Nintendo DSi... Read More »