How to Connect a New Monitor With VGA?

Answer Video Graphics Array (VGA) is a connection standard you can use to connect a display monitor to your computer. If you have a monitor that supports VGA, all you have to do is plug it in to your comp... Read More »

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Monitor went all fuzzy and than hard drive wont connect to new monitor?

Viruses affect only data on the disks. They will not make a monitor act crazy. The settings of the video card were changed to something too high or low for the old monitor, and unacceptable to th... Read More »

My desktop monitor is dead. Can I connect my desktop computer to my laptop monitor?

No there isn't a realistic way of doing this. While one of the remote control suggestions may work, you need to configure the desktop for thisto work which you can't as the monitor doesn't work.How... Read More »

Can I connect a dvi pc to a vga monitor?

DVI to DVI should workDVI to VGA with an adapter should work IF the computer has a DVI-I output with both digital and analog. If it has a DVD-D output (digital only) there will be no analog signa... Read More »

Can i connect a pc to the monitor of my iMac?

Look behind your I mac I am not sure which model of IMAC you have is it G3,G4,G5,...You are looking for a connector with 15 pins on it if you do not have it there is special pice of connector it i... Read More »