How to Connect a NetBook to a Router?

Answer Netbook computers are small form factor laptops, with a screen size of approximately 8 to 11 inches, that are used for Internet surfing, email and other basic computer tasks. Netbook computers come... Read More »

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Can i connect my laptop to my wired router even though my router is downstairs?

If the cable is long enough, yes. The person before me mentioned a "TP LINK". If you're going to invest money in one of those you might as well get a wireless router. If you are dead set against go... Read More »

When I connect ethernet cables to my router, it seems to prevent the router from working Why is this?

This problem is caused by excessive electrical interference from one (or more) of the devices you are connecting to the routers. When the Ethernet cables are unplugged, the router can work properly... Read More »

How to Connect a Lenovo Netbook to a TV?

Lenovo has released three different netbooks, at the time of publication, all within the "S-series": S10-3, S10-3t and the IdeaPad S205. Some Lenovo netbooks, such as the lower-end S10-3 models, h... Read More »

How can i connect dell netbook to my tv?

Plug the S-Video from the computer to the S-Video on the TV: that's picture.For audio you need a cord that has a 3.5mm (standard headphone) jack on one end and RCA (red and white plugs) on the othe... Read More »