How to Connect a Mac to a TV With HDMI?

Answer With the advent of set-top boxes, Internet streaming and HD-enabled computers, television and online viewing have collided in a major way. Many computers now include several video ports to accommod... Read More »

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How do I Connect an HDMI DVD/VHR Recorder to an HDMI Receiver & HDMI TV?

HDMI (high definition media interface) is a protocol for transmitting digital audio and video signals between two compatible devices, such as an AV receiver and HDTV. The HDMI cable delivers up to ... Read More »

How do you connect a hdmi to a ps2?

How to Connect DVI to HDMI on a PC?

DVI (Digital Video Interface) and HDMI (High-Definition Media Interface) are two types of data transmission protocols for transferring video signals from one component to another, such as a PC to H... Read More »

How to Connect a PC to a TV With a DVI to HDMI?

Newer computers use a Digital Video Interface (DVI) connection to hook up external monitors or a TV. Hewer, high-definition TV sets use a High Definition media Interface (HDMI) port to transmit dig... Read More »