How to Connect a Laptop to the Internet With WiFi?

Answer Laptop computers often come with built-in wireless Internet (or Wi-Fi) cards that can pick up a wireless data signal from an Internet connection and transmit data through the airwaves via Wi-Fi. If... Read More »

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My laptop has Wifi, does that mean it can connect to the internet wherever there is wifi?

Yes you can connect to any wifi network as long as you know they key for the internet( the router code) or if the wifi network does not have a key enabledyou do not have do buy any hardware or soft... Read More »

How to Connect Your PS2 to the Internet Via a WiFi Laptop?

If you play games online with a Playstation 2, you are usually tethered to your modem, and this means that you are limited by the length of the network cable that connects the two. To reduce the cl... Read More »

Why wont my laptop connect to my home wifi internet?

reconfigure you wireless settings in your laptopor try to downloads a another wireless drivers in the internet..and reinstall your driver (wireless)

Can i connect my laptop that has wifi too my desktop that has no wifi too give the desktop internet! help!?