How to Connect a Laptop PC to an HDTV Television?

Answer Connecting a PC laptop to a high-definition television (HDTV) can seem more difficult than hooking up the old VCR to a TV. With so many connection options, it can be overwhelming trying to decide ... Read More »

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How can you Connect a laptop to an hdtv?

on the back of my tv there is a plug like the one on the back of your laptop that you would plug a monitor into all you have to do is go to your local bestbuy/futureshop and get a double sided plug... Read More »

I want to connect my television to my laptop with my VGA cable but how?

Pressing function keys on your computer all day long will not get your TV signal onto your laptop. That is incorrect. The VGA port on your TV is an Input (only) and the VGA port on your PC is an Ou... Read More »

Whats so special about computer monitors when I could just connect my HDTV to my laptop?

Computer monitors are designed for computers. It's a personal preference, but there are reasons why you should or shouldn't.TVs have poor pixel density. A 50" TV will have a 1920x1080 resolution, b... Read More »

Can i connect my Laptop computer to television, what kind a wire or cable do i need ?

You need an s-video out or tv-out cable, depending on the port on your computer, and the port on your t.v.