How to Connect a Hub to a PC With a Cable?

Answer If you want to create a simple local area network between two or more computers, you can connect them with a hub. A hub is a network device that connects multiple computers or other network devices... Read More »

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My ps3 works perfectly on my full hd tv with an hd cable when i connect it to my old toshiba which is hd ready with the same cable the video does not show but the sound is audible what do i do?

I had the exact same problem hold your power button down until you hear 3 beeps if this does not work do it again and the screen shall become visible

How to Connect Two Computers With a Serial Cable?

Example of the serial cable male connector computer cableThe connection by serial cable between one computer and another is a method that can be employed when recycling old equipment for new purpos... Read More »

How to Connect Windows XP to Your TV With an S-Cable?

Windows XP is a computer operating system developed and sold by Microsoft with built-in multimedia software. Computers loaded with Windows XP and equipped with an S-video socket can be connected to... Read More »

Can I connect my PS3 with just an Ethernet cable?

You cannot connect a Sony PS3 with just an Ethernet cable. While the Ethernet cable will take care of connecting your system to the PlayStation Network, you will still need the power cable and eith... Read More »