How to Connect a Hackamore to a Headstall?

Answer A hackamore is a piece of horseback riding equipment that can be used in place of a bit on the bridle. The hackamore goes around the horse's nose and is used to control the horse without ever placi... Read More »

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How to Use a Bosal Headstall?

According to Dr. Robert Cook of Bitless Bridle, the bosal hackamore works by presenting the horse with pressure and irritation when activated by the rider. The horse then moves away from the pressu... Read More »

How to Make a Horse Bridle Headstall?

Creating your own tack to use on your horse is a great way to have equipment that specifically fits your horse. However, be diligent in making your tack, since your life depends on your equipment. ... Read More »

Facts About Using a Hackamore?

A hackamore is a type of bit-less bridle which works by exerting pressure on sensitive points on the horse's head. A hackamore is not necessarily a kinder alternative to bits, because the pressure ... Read More »

How to Tie a Parelli Hackamore?

Pat Parelli is a horse trainer and author who has written many books on natural horsemanship. His methods use little gear when working with horses. A rope halter and hackamore are used for much of ... Read More »