How to Connect a Four Wire Dryer Pigtail?

Answer Since the early 1990s, the National Electrical Code (NEC) has required that all new 220 volt appliances be connected with a separate ground wire. Thus, newer dryers have four terminals and the cord... Read More »

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How to Connect a Whirlpool Dryer to a Four-Prong Pigtail?

When purchasing a new dryer, make sure that you purchase a separate pigtail that allows you to plug the dryer into your four-wire outlet. The dryer pigtails are not supplied with the dryer when pur... Read More »

I have a four wire that ran a well pump 3 hot and a ground . im changing to a four wire dryer does it matter w?

C-E guy is mostly right, except if it is Larger than #6 awg, then you can pick any insulated wire except green and identify it "At the time of installation, by a distinctive white or gray marking a... Read More »

How does a four wire 240V outlet hook up to a four wire dryer cord?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. The two "hot wires" connect just as before. Both black wires will connect where the old black wires were.The white wire wi... Read More »

How to Attach a Three-Wire 220V Dryer Cord to a Four-Wire Dryer?

Newer clothes dryers use a four-wire power cord with a four-prong jack. This four-wire setup adds a grounding wire not found in older three-wire power cords, creating an additional layer of fire pr... Read More »