How to Connect a DVI Video Card to Component Video?

Answer A Digital Video Interface (DVI) card is a digital device for producing high-definition video, typically with a computer connection. The video transmits from the card to a connected monitor or TV. D... Read More »

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How to Connect a Radeon HD 3650 Video Card to a TV Using an S-Video Cable?

Radeon video cards allow you to view high-definition graphics and videos on a computer screen without taxing its hardware, allowing you to use the computer for other activities while using the grap... Read More »

Have a Toshiba 57 inch projection tv can' t get the ANT input or the RCA video input ports to work properly All you get is a scrambled image The s-video and component video works great Any ideas?

First thing I'd do is have the TV do a channel search, making sure I had the antenna plugged into the correct antenna input on the back of the set. Just sounds like it's lost its programming, maybe... Read More »

Is it better to use a hdmi cable or component video cables to connect hdcable to lcd tv?

HDMI cables will always give a better picture, highly recommend!!!

Composite, s-video, component and HDMI, DVI, VGA, S-video, coax...?

HDMI (Sends sound & video together... best for HDTV)All else is Video Only.DVI & VGA if normally on computer monitors... if you're sending video from your computer.For video from DVD Players and ot... Read More »