How to Connect a Computer & Cell Phone Without Cables?

Answer Connecting your cell phone to your computer makes all the difference when you need to transfer files or access the web. There are times when you don't have access to a cable to do that, so connecti... Read More »

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How do i connect a computer to a cell phone?

USB PortConfirm that your computer has a USB port. You need this port to connect a cell phone to your PC.USB CordPurchase a USB cord that is compatible with your cell phone either online or at a lo... Read More »

How to Connect a Computer to the Internet Via a Cell Phone?

You don't always need a wired connection or WiFi hotspot to connect to the Internet. You can connect with your cell phone if you have the right service and the right phone.

How do I connect a cell phone to a PC?

Using the USB CableConnect the appropriate end of the USB cable to your cell phone and the other end of the cable to your PC. The small plug on the USB cable is often the side that fits into your c... Read More »

How to Connect Cell Phone Modems?

Some cellular phones can connect your computer to the Internet. These cell phones are commonly called cell phone modems. If your cell phone can function as a modem, you will need to have software ... Read More »