How to Connect a Car Stereo for House Use With a Psu?

Answer Did you know that you don't need to buy a stereo specifically for home use? You can use your car stereo. Follow these steps to safely connect your car stereo to your home power supply.

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What wiring do I need to connect my stereo receiver to my TV that will allow the stereo speakers work with TV?

You need a L and R audio RCA cables and a VIDEO cable. Just connect these cables between your TV and your stereo receiver and you should have high-fidelity for your audio/video system.Happy listen... Read More »

Help i want connect my stereo to my TV but the stereo has a line out to connect headphones TV has line-out?

Looks like it won't happen. The Sony reference below indicates that your stereo has no auxiliary input--it's just an iPod accessory.-------------Edit: iPod accessory, CD player, and AM/FM radio. ... Read More »

How do you connect computer speakers with a stereo?

If your computer only has one audio output, get a splitter - something like this:…

How to Connect My iPod to My Car Stereo With Bluetooth?

Playing your own music in the car is a great plus to driving. While many auxiliary plugs and adapters are available for establishing a physical connection, some car stereos are equipped with Blueto... Read More »