How to Connect a Car Horn?

Answer When you replace the horn on your vehicle you can mount the new horn in the same place and use the wire that powered the stock horn. You only need a positive and negative wire, which are already in... Read More »

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How to Connect a Horn Button?

Before you connect the horn button in your vehicle, you should know a little bit about the wiring process. Your vehicle's horn has a main harness which includes two wires. One of these wires is a g... Read More »

How to Replace a Motorcycle Horn With a Car Horn?

Motorcycle horns are rather low in volume and high in pitch, compared to car horns. The result is a horn that is difficult to be heard over radio and road noise. Bike owners frequently opt to insta... Read More »

When is it rude to use the horn( honk the horn)?

A car horn is for emergency use only. Any other application constitutes unnecessary noise and you can be cited by the police.

Why is the French horn called the French horn?

Leader of the brass section, the French horn bears both a distinctive sound and shape. Widely used, the French horn has evolved since its meager beginnings as a simple horn made from animals.Histor... Read More »