How to Connect a Car Equalizer?

Answer Stereo equalizers balance the sound according to the speakers' surroundings. This is important in an automobile because of all the different surfaces, textures and materials making up the interior.... Read More »

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How to Connect an Equalizer to a Sony Receiver?

Connecting an equalizer to a Sony receiver can help add a new range of sound and functionality to an audio system. An equalizer is used to alter the levels of different sound frequencies. For examp... Read More »

How do you connect a equalizer to an amp fisher ca-871 home stereo?

I could scan the document and e/mail it. my system is a component system with ca 871 amp

What equalizer should be used with a jbl eon 515?

On One Hand: JBL EON speakers have an equalizerJBL EON 515 speakers come with a built-in equalizer that offers three factory optimized settings. The Boost setting provides you with fuller sounding... Read More »

How to Set a Car Amp Equalizer?

EQ is short for equalization. Equalizers are used to balance and correct the frequency range of a given sound. You might be familiar with the bass, middle and treble settings on many consumer elect... Read More »