How to Connect a Car Battery in a Series?

Answer Series circuits allow electrical current in the circuit to flow through all of the components in the circuit. In the case of several electrical resistors wired in a series, the total resistance in ... Read More »

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How to Connect 6V Batteries in a Series?

Voltage sources can be arranged in a series circuit to increase the voltage differential in that circuit. Batteries, for example, are often arranged in series by electrically connecting the negativ... Read More »

How do you connect 6 speakers in series?

Maybe. Some BD's are coded region-free, so can be played by a Blu-Ray player in any country. About 70% of the discs out there are region free, but most current releases from studios have region cod... Read More »

Where is the battery on a BMW 5 Series?

According to the BMW fan website BMW 5 Series, designers of these vehicles placed the battery at the front of the engine bay. Though the series offers a number of engine configurations, the battery... Read More »

DIY Battery Replacement for a BMW 3-Series?

A dead or faulty car battery is a common problem that may occur several times throughout the operational life of your BMW 3-Series sedan or coupe. Fortunately, replacing the battery on a BMW 3-Seri... Read More »