How to Connect a Car Battery in a Series?

Answer Series circuits allow electrical current in the circuit to flow through all of the components in the circuit. In the case of several electrical resistors wired in a series, the total resistance in ... Read More »

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Where is the battery on a BMW 5 Series?

According to the BMW fan website BMW 5 Series, designers of these vehicles placed the battery at the front of the engine bay. Though the series offers a number of engine configurations, the battery... Read More »

How to Connect 6V Batteries in a Series?

Voltage sources can be arranged in a series circuit to increase the voltage differential in that circuit. Batteries, for example, are often arranged in series by electrically connecting the negativ... Read More »

How do you connect 6 speakers in series?

Maybe. Some BD's are coded region-free, so can be played by a Blu-Ray player in any country. About 70% of the discs out there are region free, but most current releases from studios have region cod... Read More »

How to Change the Battery on a BMW 3 Series?

One of the most common problems in any car is a dead battery, which is vital in almost every aspect of the vehicle. Over time, it weakens until it is no longer efficient at its job and needs to be ... Read More »