How to Connect a Broadband Modem to the Wireless-N Router First?

Answer Wireless-N routers connect to broadband modems to distribute the Internet connection from your service provider among the Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home or office. Wireless-N routers provide be... Read More »

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How to Connect to Wi-Fi for Pokemon With a Next G Wireless Broadband Modem?

Australian players of Pokemon can connect to friends and players around the world using the Nintendo DS's Wi-Fi connection. To use the connection, players will also need to have a wireless router o... Read More »

Can I connect a wireless router to a wireless modem wirelessly?

If I understand correctly, your wireless router has no connection point for a modem? If they both have ethernet connections you can run a cat 5 cable to from a "out" port on the TW modem to an inpu... Read More »

How do I connect a wireless router to a modem?

Purchase an Ethernet cord from an electronics store, if you don't already have one. It looks like a thick, larger phone cord. Insert one end into the back of the modem and the other end into the ba... Read More »

How do I connect my USB modem to my Linksys wireless router?

Plug the Linksys Wireless Router into the ModemUnplug the modem to turn it off. The modem should stay connected to the Internet. If the computer is connected to the modem, unplug the network cable ... Read More »