How to Connect WiFi Hotspots Using Windows 7?

Answer A Wi-Fi hotspot creates a wireless local area network (LAN) similar to those in your home, school or office. The hotspot enables multiple wireless devices to connect to the Internet simultaneously ... Read More »

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Uk wifi hotspots access?

If you're on WiFi your carrier doesn't charge you for that data. If you're using you phone as the hotspot then yes they will charge you.

How do I access wifi hotspots with a PSP?

Select "Settings," then "Network Settings" from the PSP home screen. Set the connection type to "Infrastructure Mode" and then select "New Connection." Select "Scan" to retrieve a listing of availa... Read More »

Can i download films and stuff at wifi hotspots?

Most block large AND/OR long-term downloads.=BUT some locations, users get lucky.

Aren't these WiFi hotspots nifty?

Hospital?Are you ok?I assume you are if your on the laptop, LOL!I really like to stop at the hotspots when on a drive about but they can get to be few & far between on the road.Don't press the pani... Read More »