How to Connect VB.Net With MySQL?

Answer MySQL contains your website's information, so you can use it to serve dynamic content to website readers. Websites created in VB.NET can connect to MySQL using the database connection objects in th... Read More »

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How to Connect to MySQL Using PHP?

If you already know some of the basics of writing PHP scripts, you may be ready to learn about a set of built-in PHP functions that allow you to connect to and manipulate a MySQL database. If you d... Read More »

How to Connect PHP to Two MySQL Databases?

You can use PHP to maintain a simultaneous connection with two different MySQL databases. This is useful when information that you want to access is stored on different servers or when you want to ... Read More »

How to connect wordpress to both mssql and mysql?

Use the following connection string in your web.config file to connect to Mssql database:connectionString="DataSource=\MSSQLSERVER2008;In… Catalog=user_db;UserID=user_user;Password=pa... Read More »

How to Connect to MySQL Database Using Web Expression?

A MySQL database can quite easily be set up to connect through a website using Microsoft Expression Web. Expression Web does not have a special "connect to MySQL" feature, however, so the code mus... Read More »