How to Connect Two Deep Cell Batteries Together?

Answer Batteries have a wide variety of uses. Batteries can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled, ad-infinitum. Most dry cell batteries are 1.5 volt, we know them as D cell, C cell, etc. Some rechargeable batt... Read More »

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How to Properly Charge Deep Cell Batteries?

Deep cell batteries -- also called deep cycle batteries -- are found in everything from boats and cars to golf carts. These batteries are used in conditions where they will be discharged over long ... Read More »

How to Charge Deep Cell Batteries Connected in Parallel?

Deep cell batteries are more commonly referred to as deep-cycle batteries. They are usually flooded-cell lead-acid batteries, but innovative battery technology has introduced gel and absorbed glass... Read More »

How to Compare 12V to 6V Deep Cycle Batteries?

Deep cycle batteries are similar to the standard car battery except they are primarily used in marine vessels, golf carts and electric wheelchairs. Deep cycle batteries are designed for endurance, ... Read More »

Are marine&deep cycle batteries different?

Deep cycle batteries can discharge 80 percent of their power at a time and are perfect for long-term running and use. However, they struggle when it comes to "instant" power and take some time to s... Read More »