How to Connect Transistors?

Answer Transistors are active electronic components that are found in the amplifier circuits and switch circuits of most electronics devices in common use. Depending upon the type of circuit, a transistor... Read More »

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Where are transistors used?

Transistors are used in all electronic items. They can be found in cars, aircraft, computers, cameras, microwaves and other common items. Transistors are used to control the flow of electricity wi... Read More »

Where can i buy transistors?

On One Hand: There Are Many Online Transistor SuppliersThere are a number of online retail suppliers for transistors. Among the more popular are Mouser, DigiKey, Allied Electronics and Global Sour... Read More »

How to Use Tip Transistors?

Transistors containing the abbreviation "TIP" are power transistors. These transistors are typically used for applications requiring high voltage, large amounts of electrical current, or both. Whil... Read More »

Are metalloids used in transistors?

Many transistors contain germanium and/or silicon, which chemists classify as metalloids. Metalloids exhibit physical and chemical properties common to both metals and nonmetals. Like metals, metal... Read More »