How to Connect TiVo to a WiFi Network?

Answer Your TiVo must be connected to their servers in order to update with the latest program information, and to update the software that runs your Tivo unit. While the most common way to connect is wit... Read More »

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How can i connect a wifi network to another wifi?

You generally can not. You should not really have more than one network on any connection. If you try to link them direct you get routing conflicts, and even IP conflicts which can stop the network... Read More »

How do I connect to XP computers on the same Wifi Network?

Dude i had the same problem and it sucks. This is what you want to do:1) Disable firewall on comp 1 (go to start, settings, control pannel, firewall. and also you want to disable the firewall on yo... Read More »

How do you remove an old WiFi setting from iPhone I have a network that I can no longer connect to but the iPhone keeps constantly asking me if I want to try to connect.?

settings -> wifi click on the arrow next to the "known" network you want to deleteclick "forget this network"

How to Connect an iPod to a Linksys WiFi Network?

As of 2010, the iPod Touch is the only iPod model that allows you to connect to the Internet through the Wi-Fi feature in the device's settings. Once enabled, any Wi-Fi network that is available wi... Read More »