How to Connect Spotlights to a Relay?

Answer Since automotive spotlights carry relatively high current, you should wire them through a relay to protect the contacts of the switch that turns them on. Since the types of spotlights and relays va... Read More »

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How to Connect a Relay Flasher on a Car?

On most vehicles, the turn signal and emergency lights share the same circuit, electrical connections and light bulbs. This means that if your turn signal is not working, probably your emergency li... Read More »

How to Connect a Laptop Lid Switch to the Relay?

If you want to operate a relay when you open or close your laptop lid, you should not attempt to use its internal switch. You could damage the switch and your external connection could interfere wi... Read More »

How to Install Spotlights on Your Vehicle?

Have you ever tried to install spotlights on your truck or SUV and they just don't work, or they just won't work right. When you buy some new spotlights most of them come with all the wiring and to... Read More »

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