How to Connect Power Supplies in a Series?

Answer Connecting power supplies in series lets you increase the amount of voltage you can obtain to power your electronic system. This can save money and time if neither of your power supplies can supply... Read More »

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How can connect tow power supplies together?

By rigging the cables but i wouldn't recommend that at all.

Do power supplies break after rebooting multiple times The Power Supply is also brand new (4 times)?

Power supplies are designed to support break downs in some conditions, but if you do not have a non-brake (regulates voltage and works as battery for some minutes when general power is off) the hig... Read More »

How Do I Check Dell Power Supplies?

Your Dell laptop can suddenly shut down while you are working on it due to a depleted power supply. In order to avoid situations like this--or if you want to know how much power is left in your Del... Read More »

How to Fix Dell Computer Power Supplies?

The power supply unit is the most basic component of your Dell computer system. It is what makes it possible for your computer to function and yet is often forgotten about until something goes wron... Read More »