How to Connect Poetry With Language & Identity?

Answer Like any literature, poetry is full of identity and language. This information can be conveyed by the author's writing as well as the reader's interpretation. Language, in fact, plays a crucial rol... Read More »

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How to Teach Metaphorical Language in Poetry?

Metaphors bring life not only to poetry, but to language in general. A metaphor is a literary figure of speech in which a writer compares two unlike objects suggesting a likeness. For instance, "Th... Read More »

How to Explain the Importance of Poetry in Language Development?

If you are a college instructor who teaches literacy education, you may have given some thought to the relationship between poetry and language development. How can your students learn to use poet... Read More »

The effects communication and language difficulties have on the identity and self-esteem and self image of the elderly?

the effects communication and language difficulties and differences can affect the identity self esteem and self image of individuals with whom you work?

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