How to Connect Phone to phone modem without running a wire?

Answer i assume you have cable company phone service or VoIP since you have a "phone box" downstairs.. if there is a phone jack near your "phone box" then connect a phone cord from that box to the nearest... Read More »

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How to Connect a Phone to a Modem?

Dial-up modems are used to connect to a computer network. In a process called modulation, modems translate a data signal from the computer into a series of audible sounds. The sounds are transferre... Read More »

Can I connect phone and dsl modem to the same line?

you should be able to use both at the same time. The company that installed it or gave you the equipment should have given you a filter to go on the line. It looks like a phone splitter. Where y... Read More »

How to Connect a Cox Satellite Internet to Phone Modem?

Cox Communications offers its subscribers bundled-service packages, which include both high-speed satellite Internet access and telephone service. These two services are provided through the same m... Read More »

How to Connect a Cat 3 Wire to a Phone Jack?

Category 3 wiring has been used for telephone wiring for years. If you have limited funds for your phone project, it is much cheaper than Cat 5 wire. Wiring a phone jack with Cat 3 wire is not diff... Read More »