How to Connect Macbook Pros to Fullscreen HDMI TVs?

Answer The Macbook Pro uses a mini DisplayPort connection for external monitor usage. Apple has created a mini DisplayPort adapter for several interfaces but it does not include HDMI in this list of adapt... Read More »

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I have connected my laptop to my tv via hdmi. However when I try to make a window fullscreen its too big. ?

There's a compatibility problem between the resolution on your laptop versus the resolution on your TV. More likely than not, your laptop probably isn't 1080p. If you can adjust the input resolut... Read More »

My You Tube fullscreen does not work. It appears as 2 black and white diagonal triangles when i try fullscreen?

Read this on another website - might help...Hello,I was getting the very same anomaly, (a diagonal, white on top/grey onbottom that flashed color when playing), and I just stumbled upon aquick fix:... Read More »

How do I Connect an HDMI DVD/VHR Recorder to an HDMI Receiver & HDMI TV?

HDMI (high definition media interface) is a protocol for transmitting digital audio and video signals between two compatible devices, such as an AV receiver and HDTV. The HDMI cable delivers up to ... Read More »

How can I get HDMI on a late 2011 MacBook Pro?

If you have a thunderbolt port, you can purchase a thuderbolt to HDMI cable for about 20 dollars.