How to Connect Lines to Kites when Kiteboarding?

Answer To connect your lines to a kite, you are going to use the Lark's Head knot, which is the standard connecting knot used for all types of kites. A Lark's Head is a simple slip-knot that gets tighter ... Read More »

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When were Chinese kites invented?

Chinese kites were invented more than 2,000 years ago in the 12th century. Chinese kites later spread to the West as the demand for Chinese kites increased. They were first used in the military and... Read More »

When did the Chinese invent kites that could fly?

The Chinese first constructed kites approximately 202 B.C. for military use. A period of peace during the Tang Dynasty saw kites graduate into a form of entertainment. Around the 12th century, the ... Read More »

How to Connect Two Brake Lines?

A combination of metal and flexible rubber brake lines carry brake fluid from the master cylinder to each each wheel cylinder or caliper. Sometimes the lines travel through a proportioning block wh... Read More »

How do u connect 9 dots with 4 lines?