How to Connect Lines to Kites when Kiteboarding?

Answer To connect your lines to a kite, you are going to use the Lark's Head knot, which is the standard connecting knot used for all types of kites. A Lark's Head is a simple slip-knot that gets tighter ... Read More »

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The HotBrick VPN800/8F supports up to eight (8) WAN ports. It has a total of 16 ports; 2 are dedicated to WAN, 8 are dedicated to LAN, and the remaining 6 are "flex" ports which can be configured ... Read More »

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Kiteboarding Techniques?

Kiteboarding, or kitesurfing as it is also known, is a very dangerous sport that should not be taken up as a hobby without adequate training and supervision. Study all safety precautions before you... Read More »