How to Connect EMT to IMC or Rigid?

Answer Connecting electrical equipment to the ridged conduit running in your home requires a special electrical connection that allows flexible EMT or IMC wire to attach to rigid conduit. Flexible conduit... Read More »

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What is rigid pvc used for?

Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a hard plastic that is derived from a thermoplastic polymer. It is widely available and cheap to manufacture. It has thousands of potential uses, but it is most popul... Read More »

What is the R value of rigid insulation?

The R value of insulation represents its thermal resistance (ability to resist heat flow). The R value of rigid insulation is much higher than other types of insulation. The R value of rigid insula... Read More »

What Is Rigid Transformation?

Transformations are geometrical shapes that have had their coordinates relocated. They are sometimes flipped over like a mirror reflection or slid over to a new location. Transformations can even c... Read More »

What is another name for rigid transformation?

Rigid transformation is a geometrical concept in which a pre-image and image both have exactly the same size and shape. A rigid transformation is a type of isometry, as are translations, reflection... Read More »