How to Connect Air Hose Fittings?

Answer Compressed air is the source of power for many hand tools including drills, grinders, and spray paint guns. It is also used to inflate tires on automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles. The compressed... Read More »

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How to Crimp AC Hose Fittings?

Air conditioner hose fittings are metal hose collars that attach a high-pressure rubber hose to an AC coolant pipe. These connections need to be perfectly formed to hold in the coolant that circula... Read More »

How to Install Fittings on a Teflon Hose?

Teflon hoses are commonly used in the mechanics of motorcycles, cars and aircraft. When there is a leak in a hose, it could result in serious operational problems in the mechanical system. In order... Read More »

How to Repair Fittings on a Garden Hose?

When a garden hose leaks, the leak usually happens at the fittings. The fittings on a garden hose are also prone to being run over in the driveway and becoming bent. Replacement fittings for either... Read More »

SCUBA Hose & Fittings Equipment?

Scuba hoses are made of rubber or double-braided polyester and are Kevlar reinforced in some cases. They are attached to regulators and conduct high-pressure air, so they need protection and the jo... Read More »