How to Connect 12 Volt Wires?

Answer With after-market electronic car products prevalent, more than ever you need to tap into the car's electrical harness. You can wire stereos, burglar alarms, auto-starts and power accessories of all... Read More »

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How do you connect the wires on a 220 Volt heater?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. Check the manual, but chances are your water heater is pure 240V. If so it would only use the two hot wires (Red and Black... Read More »

Is it okay to connect a 3.7 volt li-ion (900mAh) and a 3.7 volt li-ion (1000mAh) batteries in parallel?

I don't recommend doing it. Before that, though, if you're trying to increase the mAh rating, then parallel connection of two identical voltages will do what you want. Voltages in series will add... Read More »

How to Connect Two Six Volt Batteries to a 12 Volt System?

Using two six-volt batteries in place of a 12-volt battery might be an option in some situations. How well it works depends partly on the wires used and the amount of current to be drawn from the t... Read More »

How to Connect 6 Volt Batteries to Make 12 Volt?

A car battery is made up of smaller individual batteries or cells. These cells are stacked on top each other so that the positive side of the first cell is connected to the negative side of the sec... Read More »