How to Confuse and Conquer in Halo 3 Sandtrap?

Answer Sandtrap is the largest map on Halo 3 multi - player and is a good place to set up traps and surprises for your enemies. Do you want to confuse and conquer your enemies? Read on!

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How to Flip an Elephant in Halo 3 on Sandtrap?

You can use a wraith, scorpion tank, or hornet. I recommend the scorpion tank.

How to Confuse Your Enemy in Halo 2?

Halo 2 is a game where most people are better skilled than you so you need to be able to confuse them if you want to gain rank and win games.

How to Be the Last Man Standing in Alpha Zombie on Sandtrap?

Here is a guide to be the last man standing in Alpha Zombie on Sandtrap.

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