How to Confuse Someone?

Answer This is for people who love confusing others. You must only try this on friends or someone you know. This will fail if you don't know this person or if there your enemies.

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How to Confuse Someone on the Spot?

Whether the aim is to change the subject, leave someone speechless, end a conversation, or just to have some fun, this article will help you do so.

Vegetarians confuse me!?

1. They don't want to eat animals, but are used to eating certain things they grew up with that were made with meat and they want to eat non-meat versions of that. 2. Some vegetarians do not give u... Read More »

How to Confuse Cleverbot?

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How to Confuse People?

How badly do you want to get people confused? It'll take a day or two to master, but it's easy!